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HVAC Insurance in NYC

When working as a contractor of any type, you need to make sure your business is protected by the right insurance policy. For many people, having HVAC insurance in NYC and the surrounding region is an essential part of running a business. What many people don’t realize, however, is that not all HVAC insurance policies are created equally. Some companies sell generic business insurance policies to contractors and assume that it will be sufficient. While these policies are great for some things, they often won’t have the level of coverage required.

Our insurance agency sells high quality HVAC insurance to people throughout NY, NJ and CT. We work hard to make sure every policy we sell will have the exact types and levels of coverage that you need to be sure that your company is protected. Whether you are an individual contractor working as your own small business or you own a company that employs lots of HVAC and other contractors, we are here for you. Take some time to learn about the policies we can offer and then feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or you’d like to sign up for HVAC insurance in NYC.

Added Protection

Having a policy that is made specifically for HVAC professionals is the best way to get the coverage you need. When working on HVAC equipment you will often be exposed to risks that aren’t there with the typical business owner. Things like expensive machinery and added liabilities may not be covered, or covered completely, when you don’t have an HVAC insurance policy in NYC.

We can also help you to find the right protection levels if you are a contractor who does HVAC and other types of work. Many people, for example, do plumbing, electrical, sheet metal, window installation and much more in addition to their HVAC work. Our insurance professionals will work with you to find the right policy that gives you all the coverage your business will need, without spending more than is absolutely necessary.

Saving You Money

Another advantage of working with us is that we don’t push extra services that you don’t need. Our team of insurance professionals is always looking for ways to keep your prices down, without sacrificing on the quality of the policy you purchase. If you work as a HVAC contractor and don’t have any physical building you operate out of, for example, we won’t add in building coverage to your policy. This may seem obvious, but some generic business insurance plans have this coverage built in whether you need it or not.

Contact Us

If you would like to talk with us about HVAC insurance in NYC, New York or the surrounding region, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to explain what we can do for you or even just look over your existing policy to see if it is a good option for your situation. To get in touch please dial either 212-671-2562 or 718-676-9743.